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UTILIZATION REVIEW - Program exits to assess and assure prompt, efficient, outcome oriented services to its’ members. Focus is on improving both under-utilization and over-utilization of the vast amount of health care services and facilities available in our network. For Medical (in and out-patient), Surgical, Psychological and Substance Abuse Care, this service includes:

  • Pre-Admission / Certification
  • Second Surgical Opinion
  • Concurrent Review
  • Large Case Identification
  • Discharge Planning

Concurrent Review occurs to monitor and authorize a specific number of days for admission based on statistical averages in this region of the US for a given diagnosis. With complications, or consideration of the individuals personal health status, the need for additional days of stay are considered by the Care Coordinator, who considers intensity of service and severity of illness as reported by the attending physician. Should the case become more complicated, the Care Coordinator then refers the case for Large Case Management.

Periodic review of utilization statistics occurs to determine patterns of individual provider practices and facilities, as well as trends for specific diagnosis and procedures. Review considers appropriate and cost-effective alternatives, as well as availability and suitability of various levels of care for the individual. The coordination of appropriate alternatives is a “win-win” for all parties, as it allows for a smoother, step-down pace in care and recovery. Personal care is maintained, transitioning is more effectively carried out, patients are happier, and health insurance expenses are controlled. Patients express satisfaction with the level of personal care maintained while being allowed to recover in more comfortable settings that cater more to the needs of their specific stage of recovery.

  • Hospital
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Rehabilitation Facility
  • Physical & Occupational Therapy Facility
  • Physical & Occupational Services (out-patient)
  • Home Health Care Services
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